What is the recipe for a far-spun swashbuckling tale, filled with daring adventure, deathly ambition, and Veloran Vodka?

That would be a devout Cleric of Stromhauss, destined to build the greatest Colosseum and bring back the faith to his almighty god, a brash Sellsword with a keen eye for gold in all places, and a keener eye still for Xander Whiskey, and a pair of twin pirates, an enchanting debonair Wizard and an ambitious, brusque Paladin, both seeking to claim the Storm King title.

And Veloran Vodka. Lots and lots of Veloran Vodka.

This unlikely group embarks on a quest to free a Rakshasa’s head from his body, and free his firearms from his hands, and along the way hopefully pick up a castle or two.

Tales of the Vales - A Trap for Every Rat

nikolaikrav ad_henrywall JamesJa