Tales of the Vales - A Trap for Every Rat

Out of the frying pan...

Members of our intrepid group manage to escape out of a portal from a prison demiplane in the Lower Vales and return to Riviera on the Midvale. Our adventurers find that not 2 days has passed like they believed, but in fact 2 weeks, and things are very different in Riviera. In that time span Centurion Alaric has pushed forward to extend the Amorian frontier on the Thundering Sands and the Sundish Sands, moving with him a large contingency of the Amorian legion. However, word travels fast, and the rumour that Alaric has possession of weapons that shoot fire without magic had reached the ear of the pirate Storm King Barnabus Harrigan. Harrigan ordered the fleets of the Caravellan Sea to band together and retake Riviera once more and free it from the clutching Talons of the Amorian Empire. Furthermore, whoever could bring him the firearms that Centurion Alaric possesses would be paid 50,000 gold pieces for their troubles.

It was in this state that our adventurers found the city of Riviera; overrun by pirates, and for the meantime, mostly lawless. However, our group was splintered as Minx and Fir had a different path, one towards a portal in the Thundering Sands, a portal that would lead them to the Wildvale. Meeyul and Vorryl however still needed treatment for the nasty wound left on the sellsword’s chest from the Rakshasa. It was in a ransacked Temple of Abus that our swaggering pair found the newest additions to the group; a pair of pirate Tiefling twins by the names of Lucius and Maya. The Enchanter and Paladin were in the process of beating the cookie crumbs out of a Priest of Abus, when they were interrupted by the new arrivals.

A bada bing and a bada boom later, and the new group has commandeered a vessel, sending the previous Gnomish Captain Bilzerian off into the Caravellan Sea in a row boat.

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